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Reflexology, Raphaology, Sole Reflection Sessions
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Services offered:

ReflexologyCan include feet, hands and ears (auriculotherapy). Stimulate the energy flow throughout the body. Can assist with reducing discomfort, balancing organ function, encourage deep relaxation, and stimulating overall well-being. This is a focused yet relaxing foot massage that brings about multiple benefits, clearing many stressors that may be affecting your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

RaphaologyFor health support. Experience how your body lets you know what specific foods, herbs and colors will support body systems that are out of balance. This specialized modality assists you to restore your vitality and well-being. We use your foot’s response to pressure to guide you to a customized food plan that can help restore your body’s optimum performance and sense of well-being.

AromatherapyEmotional support and wellbeing. Use of different essential oils to balance the physical, mental and emotional body. Used on the surface of the skin or just inhale these pure oils supports immunity, vitality, recovery, uplifts emotional states, and more. Extend the 30-minute session to a full hour and experience an alignment of your chakras, which promotes well-being and deep relaxation.

Chakra balancingUsing dowsing, I check the flow of your energy system. Then you pick essential oils to be used in your session that support different aspects of each energy center.

CARRe therapyUsing Raphaology color testing, your body determines where it wants support. Then you pick essential oils for those areas. Then I work the corresponding organ systems on the feet based on the colors your body selected. In this process, I will check your energy system at the beginning and end of your session. If anything is out of balance, it is often brought into balance during the session.

Toe ReadingOur feet can reveal a lot about us. They are a reflection of our body, what you might call a hologram. With toe reading, everything means something. This session can bring emotional support. It is also just fun to see what your toes can reveal about you. I offer this service online. You send me a picture of your toes and I will send you back a right up of the typical meanings behind the shapes of your toes.

AcupressureSpecific points on the body receive a light touch depending on the issue the body is presenting. Pulses of energy can be felt and are held until the pulses are balanced. This work has been known to help diminish discomfort and balance the bodies energy system.

Jin ShinSimilar to acupressure, specific points on the body receive a light touch. Pulses are felt and brought to balance by holding these points. This helps the energy flow and can help the body recover and stay well.

Amethyst BiomatThis mat is like a large heating pad that uses Amethyst and tourmaline stones to help heat the body from the inside out using a type of infra-red energy. This has been used in healing centers throughout Japan and has been approved by the FDA for use with different types of injuries. This mat has been recommended by chiropractors for their client who have had car accidents and other similar injuries.

Raphaology Peak Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals Extracts are created by Dr. Wolf. Proceeds made by Dr. Wolf go toward humanitarian projects benefiting indigenous people of the Americas.



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