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Become a Gem Friend


I had the most fascinating experience with a gemstone necklace, so I wanted to share this opportunity with you.

Email me your name and email address and I will set you up as my gem friend.

If you want a catalog mailed to you, include your address.

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My Testimonial - the long version - April 2011:

Around January 1st, I purchased a gemstone necklace from a company that I had heard about from a self-help tape. I was curious about it so I decided to request their free catalog and check it out. Over the years I have used muscle testing to help me figure out what products my body is drawn to or needs, so I used the same technique to select a necklace to try out. I picked "Opalight" which they say is to help resolve karmic issues. I've never thought much about karma and all of that, but for whatever reason, I muscle tested so strong for this particular necklace so I purchased it.

I wore this necklace all of the time. I would muscle test periodically to see if I still needed it and I did, so I kept wearing it.

Now I have a way that I have picked up over the years to resolve painful issues that show up in my life, and again, I use muscle testing to help me get to the bottom of these issues. I was at an event at work when one of my painful issues surfaced.

Every year we have an event, and every year I am recognized for all the effort I put into this project at work. Well this year, they didn't recognize me during their presentation, and I was cut to my core. How could they forget me or leave me out and not appreciate and recognize all the work I put into this project? I laid awake all night so upset by the exclusion. I don't recall ever doing that before. That was an indication to me how upset I was.

I tried to put my finger on exactly what I was feeling and I couldn't quite pin point it. I finally resorted to muscle testing again and went through a series of possible emotions that I was feeling. Finally the word that came up strong was "nothing." I realized that I was feeling like, or believed that they thought, I was nothing, like my contribution and efforts meant nothing to them.

To explain the depth of what I was experiencing, I can compare it how Hitler must have looked at the Jewish people. They were nothing to him and their contribution meant nothing. They were not worth the air they breathed. I realized that this belief was at the core of me and this is what was underlying much of the hurt that I have experience throughout my life.

When I looked at the circumstances of this event realistically, I knew the belief that my contribution meant nothing to them wasn't true, so I began to search into my past to figure out where this belief was coming from. I used muscle testing to determine what was true for me. I knew this didn't come from my parents, because I knew they loved me even though we've had issues. So I thought that maybe this came from my ancestors and was passed down. Now my grandfather escaped from Russia during the time that Hitler was coming to power so I thought maybe there was some kind of connection there, but when I tested it, it came up weak. I started testing the origin and was able to trace it several generations back. I realized that this was a "karmic" undertone that was a foundational energy that had influenced me all of my life. Wow!

Not exactly sure what to do at this point, I believed that I needed to just forgive and release this energy so it wouldn't affect me anymore, so that is what I did.

Then an amazing thing happened. When I went to test my opalight necklace to see if I needed to wear it, it tested weak for the first time since I had seen it in a picture in the catalog. This was truely amazing to me and it was clear to me that this stuff works.

Since I have recognized and released this negative energy from my past. I have felt the difference in my reactions to situations. That underlying pain just isn't there. This is amazing and I am looking forward to seeing how this will change my life going forward.






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