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Experience the fragrant and soothing effects of essential oils. Through topical application and inhalation, essential oils can have a very beneficial effect on the body. They can be very uplifting and healing.Essential Oils

Through muscle testing, we can determine which oils your body wants to use to assist your healing process.

Chakra Balancing is also available using a topical application of essential oils to the feet. This session is about 1 hour.

About Essential Oils

Most essential oils have anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity. The type of activity depends on the oil.

Some typical uses of essential oils include:
speeding up recovery time for cuts and abrasion
   assisting with hormone function
   help change depressive moods
   help to fall asleep
   sooth tired and hurting muscles

Using oils like Lavender can ward of infection from a cut. It can be used in a carrier oil like apricot kernel oil or coconut oil to help sooth the skin.

Eucalyptus can be used to assist with breathing. When I have been around cigarette smoke, the smoke tends to accumulate in my lungs and they have trouble expelling the smoke. When I rub eucalyptus in a carrier oil on my chest, I notice my lungs begin to function better immediately.

Diffuser kitWhat About Artificial Fragrances

Artificial fragrances typically use chemicals to produce a particular smell and some of those chemicals can be toxic to your body. They do not contain health benefits and can actually irritate people with breathing problems.

Natural essential oils are the best way to go. You can diffuse them into the air or put them in a carrier oil like olive oil and rub them on your body.

Essential oils may also be suggested in a Raphaology session. I typical use might be Lavender in olive oil for your skin or Rosemary in olive oil topically over your thyroid to help feed your thyroid.


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