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About Me

Cindy's Training

Reflexology - Completed 200-hour certification program plus several hours of additional training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
Raphaology - Studied with Dr. Wolf, creator of Raphaology - 80 hours training plus internship and workshop
Sole Reflections - Completed 60-hour Master Toe Reader program
Aromatherapy - Training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and with Nature's Sunshine
Jin Shin - 20 hours training with Dr. Kathy, Naturopath

Cindy's Bio:

Cindy is motivated to help others feel better and be healthier. Facing health challenges of her own like Valley Fever, Pityriasis and other health conditions, she learned that healing is not always an easy process, but the benefits are worth it. "If you have been through a time in your life where you didn't have the energy to move, you want to do whatever you can to avoid being in that position again." That is why Raphaology was so attractive to Cindy. "If I can be healthy and stay healthy by eating specific foods and repair the damage I've done to my body by using a few herbal tinctures for a while, that is so much better than watching my body deteriorate until I need medical intervention in order to stay alive." My desire is to help others feel better and be healthier so they can experience a life full of joy and realize their full potential.

Additional Educational Background and Work Experience:

Cindy is a FileMaker database developer for AZ Big Media's Ranking AZ magazine by day and a Reflexologist / Raphaology practitioner by night. Her education and experience includes a background in theater production where she was involved in many plays, musical, concerts and other events. She still has a passion for participating in events which is why much of her experience with reflexology and sole reflection (toe reading) sessions has been for events. "You develop a certain mindset when you are involved in productions. You are always thinking 'what needs to be done, and how can I make everything run smoothly.'" This mindset permeates everything Cindy does whether it is a film, a play, a database creation or helping a person know how to obtain better health. Cindy also has training to be an interpreter for the deaf and enjoys being involved with the deaf community.

Cindy Johnson
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