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About Nurtured Living

What inspired me to create this business?

I'd have to say my own health challenges is what has led me to where I am today. My health journey started shortly after Halloween when I was 9 years old. I had eaten through much of my score of candy and started to feel sad for no apparent reason. I cried a lot and my teachers didn't know what to do with me and spoke to my parents. They decided that I should go to the doctor who decided that I should have a blood glucose tolerance test. The test took several hours and was an aweful experience for me. When the results came back, I was told that I had hypoglycemia.

I was put on a strict diet and ended up feeling deprived as all the other school kids got to eat whatever they wanted, and I whined that "all I could eat is liver." I felt so sorry for myself at the time. As I grew up, my parents took me to medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, some with special gifts and some with not so special gifts. This experience caused seeds to be planted that eventually developed into an interest in alternative health.

When I was older, I experiencing a prolonged illness and found a chiropractor that knew several different healing modalities and shared several things with me that helped me heal. I was so thankful for the help I received and realized during that time that I wanted to do something that could help other people too. Through a little research, I chose the modality I wanted to study, reflexology. I'm not sure why I was drawn to it, but it was the only healing modality I found that I wanted to do. I thought, if nothing else, least I could help people relax and feel better.

I eventually realized that I was having other health issues which had the potential to become serious, and so I continued my search for better health and discovered Raphaology--using the feet to determine foods and herbs that can help the body heal. Now this was very appealing to me considering my history with food. It seemed like the perfect combination--feet and food.

Now I am a reflexologist and a Raphaology practitioner. I chose Nurtured Living for my business name because I felt it reflected my desire to bring nurturing and healing to others. To be candid, I also recognize that what I want to provide to others is something that I also need for myself. I am now my own test subject and have personal experience with Raphaology--learning how to heal myself so that I can share what I have learned with others.

It is my desire that I will be able to touch your life in a way that will bring you hope and healing, so you can experience your best health emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Some Helpful Steps to health:

1. Process irritating thoughts and feelings
2. Incorporate simple things into your life that feel nurturing

Support activities:

1. Use EFT and other techniques to help change your thinking so you can feel better
2. Consider the importance of food and exercise
3. Add supplimentation
4. Purify your air and water
5. Use products that nurture your environment
6. Take care of your skin
7. Spa treatments

I trust that what I have to share will be a support to you and help you to live a happier and even more productive life.

Nurtured Living Services have been provided for events at these locations:

Cindy Johnson
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